Imagery & Dropbox Directions

Our Online Shop Has A Built-In Zoom Feature when viewing Products so Detail Shots are not always necessary but quality images around 1000 pixels are!

*Resized To 1000-1200 pixels
*Label ALL Images with creator name and inventory #

Inventory Image Preferred Requirements:
1 Front + 1 Back + 1 Detail = 3 total Shots per Design
Include Images of Color Options + Size Options
All Images In Full Color
Clear, Clean (preferably white) Backdrop

If Able Include:
Marketing Images
Designer Bio Image

 Share Images Via Dropbox:
EV Will You An Email Invite To Join + Create Account
EV Will Share A Folder Labeled With Your Vendor Name/Brand
Remember to Resize before you upload: 1000-1200pixels
Be Sure Images Are Labeled Accordingly
Upload Images To Shared Dropbox Folder Labeled With Your Brand