Hooray! You’ve been selected!

You’ve been selected to be a featured creator through Esoteric Velvet’s ‘Collective Shop,’ a cooperative marketplace featuring exciting creators from across the country.  We are excited for your brand to join the ranks of curated design products + artist’s goods + fashion collections + collaboration and vintage pieces!  Welcome to the beginning stages of our Ecommerce Process.  Please read through carefully and fill out and return the attached forms.  Do not worry if there is a question that does not apply to you – Just write N/A=Not Applicable!

Please Fill Out The Forms Listed Below:
Creator Application

Inventory List
Marketing Agenda Sheet

AND Be Sure To Read Through EV’s Imagery & Dropbox Directions!

Creator Application
This is where you fill in your contact, product and shipping information!
Lingo Breakdown When Reading through some of the forms:
Creator = Featured Designer Name
Designer = Brand/Company/Business
Designs = All individual designs – include color + size options
Unit = 1 Item: Quantity of each design
Collection = Is made up of all designs to be featured on EV
PO = Purchase Order
ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival

Creator Inventory Sheet
This is where you will fill out detailed information pertaining to each design!
If you do not have inventory #’s simply start at one – total # of designs
List exact color + size options for each design where applicable

Creator Hype
Collective marketing will benefit all creators featured on EV!  When individual creators turn their audiences’ eyes to EV it is new eyes for all the other creators – this momentum mean 1000’s of new eyes for all creators!!!
EV’s helps all creators build, develop and grow their businesses as best as we can!  Our mission is to benefit creator’s brand and business with the best strategies!

We will contact you with the following information once we receive your application:
Estimated launch date
Dropbox account set up confirmation + image status

EV is running a competitive shipping promotion for the first few months of our collective shop launch.  The promo consists of charging customers with a $5.00 Flat Rate Shipping Fee on all purchases, excludes Special Shipping Items.
EV will reimburse vendors for shipping expenses throughout this promotion!  *If your average shipping costs exceed $10.00 then the items/collection will be noted as a ‘special shipping item’ with the specific ship cost attached to the item.  The shipping costs will be included in the creator’s sales slip.  EV will only cover the ship cost of the initial PO via EsotericVelvet.com.  For the time being EV is only taking orders & shipping within the US.

To qualify to shipping reimbursement you must:
Ship the order within two days of the PO email notification
Email EV your shipping costs with copy/image of receipt


EV designates every item As ‘Not Eligible for Return.’  EV will assist in tracking & shipping questions from customers, however, once the item is shipped the creator assumes full responsibility for any issues that may arise,  i.e. item damaged during shipping, lost in shipping, dissatisfaction of product, conducting exchanges, shipping, etc.  EV is unable to process any returns at this time!

Creators Sales:
Sales Share:  Creator 65% + EV 35%
EVcomputes all site sales & disburse sales slips on a two-week cycle
See Creator Sales Cycle Calendar Here
EV will provide a 1099 Tax Form to vendors who’s total sales >$600.00

While we are not a discount shopping destination if you would like to include a special offer please include details of the sale so we can market them effectively. We understand the value of exposure, but do not wish you to undervalue your craft. We do require our customers get a competitive price relative to other outlets for your product.

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